Why We Are Different

What Stands Out About Wealth Preservation Legal Counsel?

Understanding the Client

“Things have been very busy lately”

Your life is busy – kids, job pressures, spousal relationship, home maintenance, coaching sports, keeping in contact with family, assisting elderly parents, etc. The list is endless. You know you need to meet with a professional and discuss your estate planning, but how do you: find the right professional? schedule a time to meet with an attorney without having to take time from work? know if you are getting the correct advice?

We at Wealthplc empathize with your hectic schedule. With that in mind, we try to make the experience as convenient as possible for the client. We can meet with you before or after regular working hours or meet with you at an advisor’s office or at your place of employment. Since you don’t know if we will be a good match for you, we offer our first one hour meeting free of charge. Another way to feel us out is to attend a discussion round table held at our Westborough office on various nights during the month. You will find that the process is not all encompassing but quite streamlined. So check this important item off the list once and for all.

The Process

“That was easier than I thought”

This is usually what we hear from our clients. Wealthplc is a boutique law firm focusing on one area of the law in a relaxed and professional environment. We try to make a complex subject matter easy to understand for our clients. And we don’t try to impress you with legal jargon, talk down to you or pass your file down to a newly-hired associate.

First we listen to your concerns, we apply our expertise to make suggestions for your plan, and we listen some more. No two individuals are alike hence no two plans are exactly alike. Our role is not to make you an expert on qualified terminable interest trusts or the rule against perpetuities – that is why you hired a professional. You provide us with the blueprint and we will build the plan around your objectives. Simple and direct.

The Cost

“I can’t afford a legal specialist”

Large law firms have the expertise in the estate planning arena, but are forced to charge a pretty sum to cover their overhead costs – leasing of downtown offices, nice artwork and furniture, partner and associate salaries and benefits, etc. Smaller, general practice firms are less expensive but they are jack of all trades; they market their estate planning practice along with bankruptcy, real estate, divorce and personal injury litigation “specialties”.

You need a law practice that specializes in estate planning and asset protection but does not have to over-charge its clients to cover significant overhead expenses. You need Wealthplc. We make sure that there are no fee surprises for clients – all fee arrangements are discussed upfront at the first meeting. And when you receive your statement, there will be no hidden charges for copying, telephone calls, or other annoying add-ons. See what our clients have to say about their experience.