Baby Boomers

Unfortunately, we (the baby boom generation) are getting older.  Although we are still cool and like to have fun in our later years, we have to get serious about a few subjects; estate planning is one of those subjects to address.

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You’re all in; it could be something big (why not). Now is the time to plan to minimize estate taxes before I see you ringing the opening bell on Wall Street at your IPO.

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Real Estate Owners

Things are finally going great – debt on your investment properties is manageable, your tenants are stable and you are considering purchasing another building.  Then you receive a phone call – a fatality at your investment property.  Are you protected?

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Business Owners

It’s like your child – rearing it since inception.  How can someone else take over the reins and be successful? It is doubtful that anyone will unless you have a thought-out succession plan in place.

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