About the Firm

Ever walk into a prominent law firm and wonder who pays for their prime real estate, high end furniture, nice artwork, etc. – you guessed it. When you finally meet with the lawyer, do you feel like he/she is doing you a favor in spending time with you? But you want an advocate who knows his/her stuff, who practices exclusively in the wealth preservation field. The attorney who represented you when refinancing your house says he can “do” your estate plan, along with your divorce and personal injury case. You want the expertise of an experienced practitioner without supporting the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Look no further. Attorney Robert Travers has been working in the estate planning and probate administration field for over 20 years – in a large central MA law firm, small boutique estate planning law firm, and in the estate and business division of a large corporation. Atty. Travers takes complicated strategies and explains them in a simplified manner – an easy person to work with.