Who We Are

Wealth Preservation Legal Counsel is a specialized law practice that focuses on one mission – keeping your assets in the family. Whether it is the IRS, judgment creditors, potential ex-spouses, or unscrupulous litigants, your assets are exposed to more than you can imagine. We listen to your concerns and create a plan that can protect against outside threats and maintain your wealth for generations.

Roadblocks to Your Wealth Preservation Plan

more than just an estate plan

Why doesn’t everyone have a plan in place to preserve their hard-earned wealth? We believe it boils down to three reasons:

  • Procrastination – since most people are unfamiliar with the process of estate planning and asset protection and its many benefits, they delay meeting with a professional; it’s on the “to do” list but rarely makes it to the top
  • Intimidation – phrases such as “probate estate” “marital deduction” and “estate tax exemption” are tossed around by attorneys without simplifying the process for their clients
  • Expense – large law firms with “private client” departments have large overhead and salaries to support; general practitioners offer “bargains” but lack the requisite expertise; it is difficult to find a reasonable alternative