What We Do

Probate administration

The last thing you need at a time of grieving is a legal issue. The probate process is the transitioning of assets of a deceased loved one (and sometimes the custody of minors) monitored by the court system, but it does not have to be a burden. The right lawyer/advisor can make all the difference.

Minimize taxes:

You pay income tax, FICA tax, payroll tax, sales tax, property tax, excise tax, and then the government tries to tax your assets when you die. A well-respected appeals judge was once quoted as saying there are two tax systems in America – one for the informed and one for the uninformed. Be on the informed side.

Divorce protection/second marriages:

Did you ever read a news story of an ex-spouse receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from a former spouse who died because a beneficiary change was not made to a qualified retirement plan account? It happens, and it is just one of many issues to address for a client who is contemplating divorce or is already divorced.

Risk management:

I really enjoy those “mayhem” tv commercials sponsored by an insurance company. The actor, named “mayhem”, is involved with all kinds of crazy incidents – as a house cleaner who trips on the stair carpet and falls down a flight of stairs, to acting as a Christmas tree on the roof of a car that falls off and causes an accident. The point is stuff happens that you should be adequately protected against.

Trusts are a must:

People in general are not comfortable with the concept of trusts. The term conjures up images of mansions on finely-groomed estates or the crowd mingling at the polo grounds. We are here to bring the concept of trust protection to all – get your horse crop ready.

Generational planning:

Our lives are so incredibly busy that it is difficult to plan for next year let alone for your grandchildren and great grandchildren. Let us help with your long term wealth preservation project. It will be easier than you think.

Long term care planning:

We all hate to think about the issues affiliated with becoming elderly and possibly dependent upon others for our care. You can take one of two paths – don’t think about it or plan accordingly. We are here to help with the latter.