Preserving your wealth for future generations

As a law firm, that’s what we do.

You’ve worked diligently to accumulate your wealth.
Now it’s time to protect your assets for your family’s security by implementing a strategy of long-term trust planning.

You didn’t get to where you are by chance

You had a plan

Learn how we can help you plan for the next phase

Design a “new age” estate plan

The old plan centered on having a will and naming a guardian for your young children.

Now that your children are older and your net worth has grown, your focus shifts to preserving your family’s inheritance.

The “new age” plan protects the inheritance of a spouse and child while providing a financial “security net” for multiple generations.

Obstacles to creating a plan

Get the peace of mind that you have your affairs in order

Why don’t I have a plan in place already?

  • Procrastination

    It’s on the to-do list, but never makes it to the top”

  • Intimidation

    Uncomfortable with a process dominated by unfamiliar legal terms and concepts

  • Expense

    You desire expert advice without paying Boston-based legal fees

Our Process

The response we usually hear: “That was easier than I thought”

Trusts are a must

Creating a last will and testament is not enough

Trusts are no longer just for the Kennedys & Rockefellers. Trusts are used to:

  • Protect assets from a child’s potential divorce and/or judgment creditors
  • Keep assets in blood-lines over generations
  • Protect beneficiaries against their imprudent behavior and outside influences

How we do it

Minimize the amount

the government takes from your family

The estate tax is alive and well in Massachusetts

If you have assets worth $2,000,000 when you pass away (real estate, retirement accounts, life insurance proceeds, investment accounts, etc…), your children may pay well over $100,000 in estate taxes.

With the proper planning, you can significantly reduce this potential tax, or perhaps eliminate it entirely.

Minimize taxes

Protect those close to you

Sentimental Real Estate

The beach house or cabin in the mountains that you love – will your children be able to share it without conflict? Without a plan, it never works out.

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Business Owners

Some family members are involved with your business and some are not; how do you treat everyone equitably while protecting the business for the next generation? Implement a succession plan

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Second Marriages

Today, “blended families” outnumber traditional nuclear families. Determining what is “yours”, “mine” and “ours” seems like a daunting task. A thought-out plan can reduce the stress level when you are gone.

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