Why We Are Different

Understanding The Client

Tired of being told by your financial advisor, your accountant, the talking heads on the news, etc., that you need an “estate plan” but not knowing what you need or where to turn? Your search is over. Wealthplc is designed to be a trusted advisor rather than a traditional law firm.

We know the feeling of walking into an unknown environment. I personally feel guarded and uneasy when I’m in a situation where the “other side” has all the information and knows the process. For instance, when I am buying a car, or a new TV or selecting an investment advisor, I perform my prep work but I still feel that the sales rep is trying to pull one over on me – make the sale and move on.

I realize that hiring a lawyer is different than buying a new flat screen, but the uncomfortable feeling is still the same when walking through the door. You have read about trusts, but:

  • What is a “living” trust and how does it compare with a revocable trust?
  • Why would you ever consider an irrevocable trust?
  • Would you be better off with just a will rather than a complex plan that costs a lot more?

That is why your experience will be shaped by the attorney you select.

  • Does the firm make you feel at ease so that you can ask questions and not feel intimidated or uninformed?
  • Does the firm explain the benefits and cons of a particular plan?
  • Do you understand why a particular plan is right for you and not feel as though you are pushed into a more involved plan (even though you are not sure why)?
  • Is the fee arrangement discussed upfront before any significant work begins on your case?

These are the intangibles that we are continually striving to improve. That is why we have clients for life. Come feel the difference.